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“Life in Ice”

Cell survives freezing found at American Chemical Society

In front of me is a huge block of ice filling my entire field of vision. It is clear, and starting to melt. Inside of it all kinds of insects, colorful. One of them a lady bug. I see them large and clear. The sight makes me sad. I'm not sure if the insects will live.

Later on trying to go back into the dream, I follow a trail of dripping water and find connections to the Amazon forest story, ...

Incubated for the Amazon rain forest. Dreaming together with my friends. I feel the dream relating to global changes in nature like the melting of ice - (caps), but I don't find the relation to the Amazon forest, now, other than my sadness about both situations. 

Link for the ...

“The key to chance”

It looks like a large and thick magazine, but the bottom quarter of it contains a true random number generator. The top three quarters of it is internally separate, but the number generator knows what happens.

We immediately feel that this is a tremendously powerful gadget. It's mine. I understand that Marije - who is here - decided that it needs to be protected. It needed to have some magic ...

Say what, magic spells?

“Energy field of the earth”
Someone posted the link on FB: Bashar recommends to listen to Beethoven`s 7th Symphony, 2.movement, first 3 min,I did this on Saturday evening…"this particular piece of Music, is of the appropriate Vibration, to allow you to be in the proper state, to attract whatever Information, healing, situations, People, or opportunities that you require"

I have seen the planet from outer space with its energy field...there were vortexes...I was with a group and somebody gave us information about the changes in the energy field and how we can have an effect on was awesome

“Happy with the new neighbor”

Or maggots, actually.
My new neighbor, taller than I am. Also greener and fiercer than this one.

Later dream

Walking away from the initiative, then back to it again. I can help. She asked others to bring maggots - I imagine I can find worms. That will help them to feel welcome. I walk towards her house.

I find myself in the backyard of my house, which is off a street at the other side of the main road through this neighborhood. I notice that there's one working in the garden. I'm relieved he's here ...

There wasn't so much time between the two logged dreams. I'm surprised I managed to turn it around so fast, in apparent clocktime.

“Becoming others”


I can do it one more time, but having it done just before, I now scare away from it. I lost myself the previous time, when I completely became another person in the dream.

But, I did it at least once before. This time I wanted to bring back better recall, and then I got frightened about the idea.

I wonder whether in another previous dream, I even became two different people at once. Not just physically, but everything, different personality and memories included. Or, no memories of myself at least.

This follows on a night with dreams about a week ago, where I ...

Currents 2019 - Jan/Feb

Changing identity

This time everything changes.


2 - Modest awareness

Recall of previous dreams in the dream and somewhat aware of going in and out of dreams.

“Moving blocks”

1st remembered dream

Entering the field, I notice I can move big rocks around with my mind. They respond very easily to my intentions and can also accelerate their movements dangerously fast. There's a woman here, a mother with her children possibly nearby. I'd better keep those flying rocks at a safe distance from her. She's also here to play with the rocks, I suspect.

I suddenly remember another dream or ...

This is a typical thing to do for practicing control in a lucid dream, but I'm barely aware that I'm dreaming.


0 - Remarkable and Encouraging

I don't know how to rate the lucidity in this dream. It may seem like a high level of control, but it's actually an echo and a repeat of another experience that I remember in this dream.

“The End of The World” not many wanted to see this...

In an afternoon nap

I'm standing on an open, two wing window, seemingly on the first floor. I somehow got aware of news around the moon, and she is falling on the earth. It is explained through the moon stopping her orbital movement, so she will inevitably crash.
I look out at the full moon standing high. No, she doesn't seem to get larger. And if, will she hit around here?
I turn and have a skype call with my ...

I thought this should be a Da - Fu Mu. A dream of great fortune. Like incubated each 15th of the month with my friends of the World Dreams Peace Bridge.
The most intense feeling here is being doomed, helplessly.
Like I'm aware of ecologic and economic crises abound, and still superseding this knowledge with business as usual.
Maybe because I don't feel it? I start to feel something, and that ...

“Timeless center”

From a Peter Gabriel project a decade ago.

It feels like a truly big and nice place. Condensed, concentrated, comfortable. There's no time.

While coming out of it, I realize that anything could come out of this place and end up anywhere in any time, whether in the far past on our planet, or in some other time who knows where.

I always imagined this place without time to be isolated from our world. It is however not. It is connected to everything and from there one can influence and insert anything.

“Exciting Underground Village Life”

Who would have thought. I'm looking around the large square room. I'm guest at this neighborhood meeting that plays out in a space only to be reached through somebody's private house. I like the general casual and friendly mood of this community.

I decide to wander around a bit. Hallway after hallway I arrive in another community room. I've sat down on one of the chairs in the circle. Two or ...

Yay! Fun!

“Rescuing Newborn and Myself”

Photo comes with Campact petition.

I hear a woman calling me for help. As I turn around the corner I see this beautiful woman of around thirty with long plain brunette hair laying on a bed, supine. The space is all white, also the bedding.
Her left hand is stretched out, hanging over the bed frame, like she were fainting. A newborn is slipping, rolling from her hand, a naked tiny bundle. In a flash I hurry there, and feel I'm ...

Incubated with a general healing intention, including myself.

I believe this dream is still in the context of incubating dreams for children (and families) on the US/ Mexican border with friends from the World Dreams Peace Bridge. In our discussion I earlier wrote about culminating refugee situation in the Mediterranean.
Then, yesterday, I saw a cause presented by German platform "Campact", ...

“Hanged Man”

They want to kill me again. But this time I am prepared. It is exactly the same pattern than last time. Last time they had been successfull. But this time I can remember and they don´t know that I can.

I go to the Garage and open the door: Yes, as I expected. It is really like last time. They had painted the Tarot Card of the hanged man at the wall. But he is not hanged at his ankles but at ...

“Mating Giant moths”

I am standing at a beach. A toddler is adressing me. His parents are lying in the sun and he is bored. He knows me well but he is new to me. He urges me to accompany him to a science museum. We have great fun there and I am amazed about his great intelligence.Suddenly his diapers are full and his clothes are also concerned. I am supposed to help him and I am looking for a toilet. I have great ...

The whole dream is very vivid and at the end I am realising while dreaming that I am getting a symbol.I have the impression that the toddler is another focus of me. Since this is another toilet dream with a new variation I put it here.This dream prompts me to join the new group dreaming. Yesterday evening I was pondering whether to join or not....

“field of striped balls”

I see a field of striped colored balls.They are forming patterns. They seem to be conscious.

I had the intention to find a symbol for lyra but this dream makes no sense to me.But it was a nice and joyful experience. This dream seems to suggest more playfulness.


In my dream I was aware of a floating cube. Nothing else.

I was looking for a symbol of the zodiac sign of virgo. Before going to sleep I set the intention to find a solution. I chose Metraton´s cube.

“Steles in a circle”

I dreamed of steles organized in a circular arrangement. I learn that they represent the zodiac signs. I often wake up but always when I slide back into sleep this place reappears.

“Are we going?”

Underneath the grandstand / backstage area.
Unfortunately not anywhere close, but outlines the idea.

We've been getting ready for a while. We're descending the stairs to the hallway, a long pipe leading to the double front doors. Just when we, the guys, are ready to open the doors, the doors open and the women come back in. They forgot a few things. A bit to my dismay the guys turn around, and go back in too. Why? We could go out anyway?

We're sitting on a large bed. I sit on the corner area ...

There was also a part where I had a ball, but threw it away. I think the women kind of gave the ball to me when I left, although at the same time, I found the ball in the backstage area. I later throw the ball away, again in various variations. I throw it away back to the women, or to the side, and also onto the field when I get there. Two sets of small probable variations.

Ripple: Bedroom Action

“Under water tunnel”

After having seen the galaxy tunnel, I dream this.

I dive into the pool. I stay and swim under water. At the other side there's a black tunnel starting from the wall, under water. I briefly consider again. I'll be fine.

I swim into it and everything blacks out. No problem, I'm safe.

I wake up. It's too unfamiliar to process.

“Precious guitar with songtext on the back”

I am visiting a big art exhibition. It is a modern white cube building. The title has "Vittoria" in it. I am just about to enter the building. A woman with small children asks whether she can go with the kids but someone tells her that there are also some crude and sexual exhibits. when she turns to leave she recognise me and tells me that there are some paintings from me in the exhibition. I am ...

“No toilet, but 2 sculptures”

I am with other people in a huge old house. The rooms are nearly dark with dark old wainscoting (Wandtäfelung). It looks a bit like a museum But I am not aware of any exhibits. After some time pacing through the rooms I need to visit a toilet. I have to ask. Someone is guiding me a quite complicated way. Then we finally find a rustic wooden door with a lavatory sign for both sexes. I enter a ...

A new variation of Harry´s toilet dreams.
While waking up I knew how to start the new painting: It will be the white empty room of Mauricio´s dream. In the middle will be a small silvery/black sphere coming from beyond a reference to Laura´s dream. I am curious how this will develop?

Ripple: Toilet Pot

“Arcadian landscape”

Golden afternoon light. I am in an arcadian landscape near the mediterranean sea. It is like being in a painting of Claude Lorrain. But the temples are not ruins. Actually I realise it is all under construction.

I had a similar dream some years ago. Then I participated in making mural paintings on antique looking greek temples. This time I was only a stranger witnessing the construction work.

“Moving to another home”

I am a Teenager and still living with My family. The transporters are packed and about to move to our new home. I am angry because nobody asked me. It is the first time they tell me that we will move. They want me to help. I say that I have an appointment and leave. This is not true. But I am angry and want to make My own decisions. I drive in a car. After some time I realise that I don't know ...

“Feeding the turtles”

I am sitting with some friends in a street cafe. We are enjoying ourselves, drinking coffee and talking. Then I remember that I have to feed My two turtles. I conjure a lot of chicken filets and put them under our table. The turtles suddenly appear out of nowhere and start to devour the meet. This would have been a good occasion to realise being in a dream. But that didn't happen. After some time ...

“Bright sunlight”

I am walking on a street. A tall man with white hair addresses me and asks for help. He can't see in this bright sunlight and needs someone to guide him to the next bus station. I agree to help him. While walking together he tells me that a young man around 18 had promised him yesterday to come to help but he didn't showed up. I answer that I have a son of this age and he is also often promising ...

“Daytime Sync!”

We are for the weekend in Barcelona. There is an artwork with a bookshelf and its dusty imprint on a wall. Artist statement: from an artwork you Can see the past and predict the Future...Artist is Ignasi Aballi.

Ripple: Bookcase/-shelf

“Fish with a rope”

I don´t remember how I got there.
I found myself in an huge old lost place. I was in a maze of rooms which were to one third filled with dark water. I was swimming. This place had an atmosphere like the films of Andrej Tarkovski. First I felt curious and enjoyed to a degree exploring. But after a while i realised that I lost completly my orientation and I felt lost and lonely.
Then I realised ...

The day before I felt a bit depressed without actually knowing why...
Yesterday during a long meditation in the morning I felt elated and decided to reconfigure my energy. After coming out of this blissed state I felt the depression. This is unusual: normally I feel refreshed and happy....

Today I feel much better! Thank you fish!

“Garden of my grandmother”

It is summer. Golden evening light. I am in the huge wild garden of my late grandmother. A non physical entity is present. I am not sure whether it is my grandmother. I am walking around enjoing to watch everything. Suddenly I realise several big colorful bunch of flowers in huge glass bowls. They are larger than me. I look close at the blossoms. I realise a connection between my watching and the ...

The intense exploring of the flowers is the lucid part.The creating and directing through the visual sense I do deliberately.

“Dark hallway”

I am walking along a dark hallway. I am feeling growing uneasyness...
At the end is a door. I am feeling lost and fearful... there is no other possibility than to open that door. I don´t know what is behind... While opening it I wake up...

“Orange light”

I am floating in orange light. It is like being in a mothers womb. I am feeling protected and loved. Feeling happy.

“Map for dreams”

Someone not physically present shows me a map which displays a holographic geometric pattern. It resembles very much the drawings of the swiss healer Emma Kunz. I am told to use this map for orientation in dreams and also for organising and understanding them.

This dream may be triggered by Harry sending me the information for the lucid dream group. So this may be My conceptuel sense to digest the information...

“Daytime Sync!”

I spent the day in an exhibition of Japanese culture here in Brazil (we have about 1.5 million people of Japanese descent here). There were 10.000 Tsuru bird origami in the decoration. The Tsuru are cranes and the Japanese believe the souls of the dead are carried to paradise on their wings. So they bring good luck and symbolize immortality. I read your dream when I got home.