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Photo comes with Campact petition.

I hear a woman calling me for help. As I turn around the corner I see this beautiful woman of around thirty with long plain brunette hair laying on a bed, supine. The space is all white, also the bedding.
Her left hand is stretched out, hanging over the bed frame, like she were fainting. A newborn is slipping, rolling from her hand, a naked tiny bundle. In a flash I hurry there, and feel I'm not prepared, I feel unable to hold this fragile handful of life in my hands, which feel thick and rigid like made of stone.
Nevertheless I grab it as tenderly as I can, pick it up, hold it close to my heart, with my clumsy hands. Also my chest feels like stone, at first. The love and shock I'm feeling is beyond words. We are melting. Everything is melting. I wake up shaken.

Incubated with a general healing intention, including myself.

I believe this dream is still in the context of incubating dreams for children (and families) on the US/ Mexican border with friends from the World Dreams Peace Bridge. In our discussion I earlier wrote about culminating refugee situation in the Mediterranean.
Then, yesterday, I saw a cause presented by German platform "Campact", and I didn't dare share it, because the message and picture (I appended here) were just too heart-wrenching to me. So I chose another platform with a similar cause, and not so horrifying pictures.

My first feelings waking from this intense short dream were such a strange mix of love, sadness and, yes, feeling relieved I haven't turned entirely numb, rigid over all the suffering.
Maybe this dream makes a difference to those, who read it. Certainly it makes a difference to me.

The song "Fragile" by Sting came to my mind, and stayed there over the day.