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And you're one of them. Yep!

Dreams happen when we connect with our larger Self, in a place between here and there. It has its own science, but it is different. It builds on consciousness as the key force. That has many consequences for understanding the world. It also opens the way for many new possibilities.

To get started, you'll need some basic skills. After that, your dreams will help you further.

collect your dreams

Keeping a record always helps. More connections and insights may show up later. And, there are ways to call up dreams that answer questions or provide certain experiences.

group dreaming

Meet other people in your dreams. This is also known as shared dreaming or mutual dreaming. In the dream we can meet other people and go on adventures together.

enlighten & empower

While you're playing with dreams anyway, you may notice how clearly they show untapped potential, ideas and solutions.

Dreamers United lets you keep a journal of your dreams. It lets you share and link dreams with other interesting dreamers.

If you already know what you're doing, you're set. If not ...

Most likely, you've never heard of group dreaming before. Or you didn't know people actually do it. Perhaps you never heard of lucid dreaming before. Or the possibility to work with dreams.

In that case, try out one of the course groups for beginners. These provide ample background information, theory, tips and techniques. Plus, the opportunity to try out your new dreaming skills with others in the group. Groups usually run for 3-4 weeks, often with the weekends dedicated to optional dream assignments.


Syncs can happen between dreams by different people, or between a dream and the life of someone else, or between your own dream and life. More mysterious than meeting in dreams, more frequent too.


The universe inside connects with everything outside. If you're interested, you may truly feel just how grand we really are.

lucid dreaming and living

Did you know that we can be aware of the dream while dreaming? It makes it possible to change the dream. Eventually, the same is possible during daytime, but it's easier to learn in dreams.

The bi-monthly Group Dreaming aims especially at beginners. Sometimes it even works with people who never remember dreams at all! Experienced dreamers are also welcome and can request a reduced price.

In the remaining months the bi-monthly Lucid Dreaming course runs. This typically requires some more delibarate focus.

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You decide whether you share dreams, and if so with whom. The journaling system allows for fine-grained settings.

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The full account comes at a subscription price of $24 for the first year, and $15 for following years.

Workshops and hosted dream groups often come with their own prices, but can always be done with the basic account.

The basic account provides plenty of options and is free.

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