Dreamers United

Dreams are where we connect with our larger Self that originates beyond time and space. It is a place of inspiration, insights and connection. In our ever faster changing world it helps us see our personal potential and our challenges, and that we are not alone.

Yes, dreams are not just something that happen to us. For a large part they follow our moods and intentions. In other words, it's very well possible to experience a certain type of dream, if you want that.

keep your dreams

The first step to do more with dreams? Write them down. Perhaps you also want to make notes on your personal dream symbols. Dreamers United makes it possible.

group dreaming

Meet other people in your dreams. This is also known as shared dreaming or mutual dreaming. In the dream we can meet other people and go on adventures together.

lucid dreaming and living

Did you know that we can be aware of the dream while dreaming? It makes it possible to change the dream as you're dreaming it. Something similar is possible during the day, but it can be learnt in dreams easier.

It lets you meet other interesting dreamers.

At the same time it aims to promote awareness and further explorations of the enormous potential of dreams for people.

your private dream journal

Privacy assured. You decide whether you share dreams, and if so with whom and/or what.

The site sets a cookie to remember that you're logged in. That cookie is removed once you log out.

To garantuee privacy at all times, external parties and technologies like trackers and advertizers are banned from accessing your devices.


The basic account provides plenty of options and is free.

The full account offers various additional features and comes at a subscription price of $24 for the first year, and $15 for following years. Additional features include an exclusive preview of new features, so the exact feature set can vary from time to time.

Workshops and hosted dream groups can come with their own prices, but can always be done with the standard account.

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