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Group Dreaming means we're going to meet in the dream. To make Group Dreaming easier, it helps when participants already know others in the group, or are likely to easily connect. This is why the listed groups aim at existing communities and/or shared interests.
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JUNE 2018
three weeks
starts June 7th
Greater wellness with dreams
During this 3-week online dream spa you're going to experience how to have beneficial dreams, as well as learn how to follow up on dreams that demand your attention, to accomplish more wellness in your life.
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relax   wellness
Dream Spa
for €85
APR 2018
3 weeks
April 19 to May 9
early boarding
The next step with lucid dreaming.
In older Asian traditions Lucid Dreaming was often supposed to be a means to gain deeper insights about our daytime world. Let's finally make that step too!
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awareness   choices
LD 2.0
for €85
MAR 2018
2 and half weeks
starts the 28th
Dream like never before
What is group dreaming and how does Dreamers United help with this? Works for busy dreamers too.
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syncs   ripples
the Welcome Tour
No charge
Ask Harry Bosma/Quinto (email or Facebook)

Payments are handled by Paypal. Harry's based in Europe and will typically email you back the same day or the next morning.

You'll be given access to a group on Dreamers United. This online platform makes it easy to create charts of group dreaming. Access to your dreams is restricted to other group members only.

About Harry

Harry Bosma wants to map the realm of dreams and educate the world about it. At Dreamers United it can already be seen that we all dream together, that some dreams later do come true, and that we have yet to explore the larger possibilities of consciousness.

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