Let Dreams Answer Your Questions

What are the Possibilities

Few people know it. Whatever is on your mind, comes back in your dreams. Which means that if you're looking for something that only dreams could give you, it can be easily done. Here are a few of the possibilities

- Discover a talent

- Feel happy and refreshed

- Meet somebody

- Resolve an issue you have with somebody

Short and Sweet

Just do it.

That was a bit too short?

Intention is all it takes, but you may want a little procedure to build some trust.

The question is already on your mind, so work a little on it before you go to sleep. What is it exactly that you want? Write it down. Perhaps take a relaxing shower before going to bed. Expect to find an answer in your dreams and be ready to write it down.


There are two types of requests. One is where the dream will be effective even if you don't remember it. You have to try it to believe it.

The other type, when you're looking for insight or inspiration, requires remembering the dream. In that case, do not dismiss anything you get. Write down everything, without censoring. Whatever you're looking for, may be outside the box, or at least, your box. You may recognise what you were looking for, only after taking a little distance from it.