Log Your Dreams

Quick Post and Big Form

Dreamers United is all about dreams and making it easy and rewarding to log your own dreams.

You will find the Quick Post option near the top of many pages. It's ideal for quickly jotting down a dream before it completely fades from memory.

Usually you may prefer the Big Form. Depending on how you configure the site for your own use, this form can become quite large. In it's most basic shape, you will always get the additional fields for a title and for notes.


The Big Form lets you set the date of the dream. Most people leave the date as it is, which is the date of today. This is a good way to date a dream, because technically most of your remembered dreams will indeed be in the morning of the current day.

Title and Notes

Giving your dream a title helps to get a better grip on the main subject of a dream. It's a basic step in dream interpretation.

Notes could include what happened the previous day or ideas on what the dream means or what you want to do with it.

My Eyes Only

Anything entered in this area will never be shown to others, even if you share the dream with all your friends or the entire world. It's a very top secret field.


Images are of course entirely optional. Although, you could also say that text is entirely optional. Whatever makes you happy.


The site will redirect after saving.

Mind you, if you change the date, it may sometimes look like the dream disappeared (because it moved). If you're on the outside of the site and change a dream from seen by the world to something more private, it will also seem to disappear.