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Old wiring.
Moon lamp that wouldn't stop shining.

In the dream, I am renovating an old, old house that I've purchased. There's a problem with the electricity and wiring. One bulb that is part of a wall sconce will light up, but the switch that you need to use to turn it on and off will give you a zap of electricity. My dad doesn't want to touch it. He says that I'll be okay if I use a rubber glove, but I've returned to the room with a wooden spoon and give the light switch a whack.

This morning, I unplugged a moon lamp that I have near my bedside. Even though it was totally unplugged from the wall, it still glowed for several hours. Huh? I was confused by that, thinking I unplugged the wrong item from the wall. But nope. Eventually the power drained from whatever element it was stored in the globe.


3 - Pronounced awareness

Very distinct actions and intentions, sounds very realistic, remembered conversation.