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Markings on the edge similar to these

Inside. Two women want to locate a man during one day, somehow they are assigned to the task. They are using huge maps, maybe 10 times 8 meter. They look like thin carpets, and are bound like a book. So every hour (or even more frequently), the location of the man is marked on one of these pages/maps laying on the floor, then another one is turned over. After some time, there is a thick pile of pages, a block. I remark this isn't really 3D. The coordinates of the location are visible as two markings on the edge of the pages.
I wonder how the pages can be turned over automatically at even intervals, and with my thought there appears some machine to do it.
This is more than just a map, in some way the man is really in there, but not entirely.

This dream has a purely technical feeling to it. Like a geometrical problem solved by unusual means. Or is it my dreaming mind trying to make sense of simulation theory? The web of life - magic carpet with a dynamic, temporal extra dimension. I'd say an aspect of the man is in there. Really it is like a projection from 3+1 D to 2+1 D, and overly simplified, reduced to information about position in space (and time). Time appears as quantized. Such is hypothesized by physicists. Information being reduced reminds me of the talk about evolution and perception I heard, where Hoffman makes the point that we are evolutionary hardwired to have a very limited model of reality. Enough to survive, by making decisions fast using a small set of data. I wonder if this is generally true, though, because there are other situations where we plan ahead for months at least (preparing for winter and same such). But this is just gradually. Some say individuality only works by reducing information. In our individual attention we can hold only a very raw model of what is.
Are these women like goddesses in relation to him? But he is also me, and I observe all of them. Together with them, and the scene I am one, and a projection of the ONE mind there is, in dreams and days. Yes, I can take this dream really deep :D