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View from my window, this close too.

Modern technology - dream 1

The birds appear in front of my office window, at the second floor. They are so nearby that looking at the window is like looking at a magnificent painting. They move around but the entire visual looks tranquil. I need, need, need to capture this on a photo.

I have my phone and start tapping, slide left, slide up and hold two seconds, tap, slide right. God damn it. Stupid modern technology. I accidentally drop my phone on the ground, outside.

Downstairs the phone seems to be in front of the neighbors' home. Right underneath their main window, I think. I'm on my knees looking. The neighbors ask what I'm doing. My phone, I lost it here. One looks through a now opened window. Another one has come through the door and stands next to me.

There it is. I hope it still works. The neighbor standing next to me pours water or coffee on it, to wash it clean. Hey! No! Don't do that. I appreciate the friendly gesture, but this phone is not waterproof.

I see that Harke is inside too. He has made his famous soup. Oh, I should get some too.

I completely forgot about the birds.

There's an opened window, twice.

Dancing and Cleaning


Somebody volunteers to clean something for me.