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more sleep / #4

During the break I take a walk around the entire building. It has a layout exactly like the mall in Hoogezand. I notice that. There are fun events going on in various other locales, with people that I like.

I make it full circle back to the room where we were watching the movie. Everybody left. The chairs have disappeared. I ask "is it over?" Yes, it is.

That is weird. Perhaps there were only 5-10 minutes left and the finished watching while I was on my walk.

I go to an opposite space, which would normally be the Bruna bookstore. There they show the end titles of the movie and some after-the-story scenes. Yes, a Harry Potter movie. I kind of remember what I saw before, and realize that it doesn't match any of the existing books/movies. How is that possible?

A title appears, explaining it: The Previous Twelve Years.

That makes no sense. He would have been a baby and in this movie he was a late teenager. I walk away, wondering what to make of this.

I had the same experience watching the second Fantastic Beasts movie. It suddenly ends.

Noteworthy: In this dream I went full circle back to the same location.


2 - Modest awareness

Lucid, but not so lucid that I remembered the connection with a teleportation trip to a Harry Potter event, together with Debbie. That's not so bad I guess, because even after waking up, it takes a while before I remember that.