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In an afternoon nap

I'm standing on an open, two wing window, seemingly on the first floor. I somehow got aware of news around the moon, and she is falling on the earth. It is explained through the moon stopping her orbital movement, so she will inevitably crash.
I look out at the full moon standing high. No, she doesn't seem to get larger. And if, will she hit around here?
I turn and have a skype call with my son, talking about something unrelated. Two or three other adults kind of "wake me up", pointing to the sky again. The moon is gone. In the distance to my right side I see a faint red - golden glow, it is where they think she has impacted. I know this is no local problem, but the end of the world. I wait for the earth to shake with the impact, but nothing happens. Nevertheless I feel doomed, and wake up.

I thought this should be a Da - Fu Mu. A dream of great fortune. Like incubated each 15th of the month with my friends of the World Dreams Peace Bridge.
The most intense feeling here is being doomed, helplessly.
Like I'm aware of ecologic and economic crises abound, and still superseding this knowledge with business as usual.
Maybe because I don't feel it? I start to feel something, and that is the decline of insect biomass. I just shared on the page of a new facebook friend.

Not many wanted to see this collision:

I'll go practicing table tennis, now..