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1st remembered dream

Entering the field, I notice I can move big rocks around with my mind. They respond very easily to my intentions and can also accelerate their movements dangerously fast. There's a woman here, a mother with her children possibly nearby. I'd better keep those flying rocks at a safe distance from her. She's also here to play with the rocks, I suspect.

I suddenly remember another dream or experience, with Scotty, where the instant response was even stronger. It was a different dimension, where I felt more confident. Or actually, freer to experiment.

This is a typical thing to do for practicing control in a lucid dream, but I'm barely aware that I'm dreaming.


0 - Remarkable and Encouraging

I don't know how to rate the lucidity in this dream. It may seem like a high level of control, but it's actually an echo and a repeat of another experience that I remember in this dream.