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Who would have thought. I'm looking around the large square room. I'm guest at this neighborhood meeting that plays out in a space only to be reached through somebody's private house. I like the general casual and friendly mood of this community.

I decide to wander around a bit. Hallway after hallway I arrive in another community room. I've sat down on one of the chairs in the circle. Two or three people are making music. One drums and another one plays the horn. There's such a full and complex sound that I suspect some others are playing along, but I can't quite tell. Most of the seats are available. Great exciting and uplifting music as well.

Again I realize that tourists or other visitors would never guess this rich indoors life going on. On the outside, it's just a sleepy town like so many others. Sleepier even.

The people from the meeting room are coming in from a hallway. Everyone's happy to be together. Through another hallway additional musicians come in. One man makes a big show just by the way he enters through the doorway. He walks in, looks funny and waves his arm while turning back out, and repeats the whole act several times.

Yay! Fun!