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I can't credit the artist

I'm phasing in and out of dreaming, I'm lucidly aware. There is a vessel of energy, an otherworldly or extraterrestrial ship radiating so much color and joy. It is coming and going. It's presence is so much stronger and clearer than the grey and murky life here on earth, the buildings and beings that lie numb in the shade on earth's crust.
Of course I love the light, but a part of me wants to let the darkness live, like it were an endangered species. Like I need it to be really human.

I'm drifting between dreaming and thinking in an afternoon nap. The TV is running, a series about cosmological phenomena. The sun is beating through the window, but I'm falling asleep, anyway, after I closed the thin curtain. Tired after few sleep this week of being the nursing instructor, and maybe after getting my second Covid shot a few hours ago.
My usually bright mood happens on a kind of depressive background, not just today, but the days before. A light that shines unconditionally bright in the bottomless darkness of existence. Joyful, loving vanitas. I must not think too hard, but just let these opposites exist.
I'm intending to dream for world peace with my group of friends from the World Dreams Peace Bridge. So this must be my version of it. It is super full moon and eclipse dreaming. It is when so many of us are expecting humanity to wake up, while acknowledging we are not alone in universe, and believing there are enlightened, peaceful beings able to travel all the dimensions of existence. It appears we are not so different from these beings, when we can hold everything inside and out, in peace.

I found the picture with this music on soundcloud. Not too bad, I'm listening.