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Or maggots, actually.
My new neighbor, taller than I am. Also greener and fiercer than this one.

Later dream

Walking away from the initiative, then back to it again. I can help. She asked others to bring maggots - I imagine I can find worms. That will help them to feel welcome. I walk towards her house.

I find myself in the backyard of my house, which is off a street at the other side of the main road through this neighborhood. I notice that there's one working in the garden. I'm relieved he's here and how reassuring his behavior is. Just like us. He stands up and looks over the fence.

"Goedemorgen, hoe gaat het?" or "good morning, how does it fare?", he says.

I answer "heel goed". "Very good". He repeats my answer as if to taste what it means and whether I'm meaning it. I do.

There wasn't so much time between the two logged dreams. I'm surprised I managed to turn it around so fast, in apparent clocktime.