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3rd sleep, 3rd one

Two people stand facing each other two meters apart. There's a third one on the same axis. I stand next to the axis, looking at the one talking. He tells the other that there's another person hiding in here. There is that one standing behind him. The who was addressed, points that out. It is not about that third one.

I believe there is another third one, standing behind the second person. I'm not sure.

The man gives a hint. Look further. We, the second person and me, both look at the wall further away. Oh! There's somebody hiding in the shadows there. Once you see him, it's hard to understand how we first did not see him. His face is very white, probably painted. There are stripes and accents in bright red. As if he's wearing war colors. He looks like he's here to fight.

The second person seems to have the same impression. She moves off the axis. The shadow man strikes a fighting pose. However, the second person, now clearly a woman, apparently mindlessly wanders around him, while lighting and smoking a cigarette. She radiates an energy that completely denies the confrontational energy of the fighter. Yet at the same time, she clearly engages him. The first person, a man, makes an approving comment.

I suspect this dream has something to do with the previous two. All the dreams seem related to bringing out other parts of our personality.