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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Dream 1/5

"I was in California", I announce to my  family, when I arrive back home. They look shocked. Meanwhile I'm wondering how we are related, as I don't recognize them. I was in California, and now I'm back at the East Coast. That I know.

"I visited a museum", I start. I want to add that it wasn't expensive. The entire trip was only $200. Wait, for a child, that is not cheap. 

They look fully reassured and don't even look at me anymore. No need to say more. Okay, that went easy.

In what kind of future can kids slip out on such a trip, and be back before dinner? Currently, it's a six hour flight. It felt like it was hardly taking any time, to cross that distance.

I still have to write out the other dreams.


2 - Modest awareness

It's an awareness that comes with the confusion about who I am (a child with another family) and what my background is in the dream (a different country in the future).