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Riding a street, which gets steeper and steeper, vertical. I have to climb it, pull myself up with bare hands, while the street is like folding. I manage the strange mechanism, I strain my body and sense my belly muscles. I succeed and make it to the top. I'm angry. Now I made it up here, I'll go find and scold those responsible.


Outside on the street with a group. like family? I'm finding a quartz stone, then a beautiful quartz crystal, and fossils of shells and snails, ammonites in heaps of earth on the side of this newly tarred street. I can hardly believe, but I think I find so much, because the ground has just been dug out from the depths. Then I see a piece of a wall or relief, at first I think Roman or Greek, but that would certainly be too unlikely. I look closer and it may be art nouveau. That would make sense for Germany. I've fallen behind, my family already half a mile in front, uphill.
I'm entering a building, and put all my findings on a table, it is just too much to carry. There are more people around, and a huge man with black hair is animating others for a group dance, gesturing and pushing me to the start of the line, and I give in, move, and turn. We are dancing through this space in a cue, having a good time.

Dream 1:
Possibly related to the appendectomy I underwent Saturday. I'm trying to make sense of my health challenges starting with my sprained ankle last year. Sure, I got over it all, and now I'm angry :D I want to find those responsible. Who can that be...

Dream 2

That has been some time. I'm reminded of my old hobby of collecting fossils and minerals. I haven't been into archaeology so much, so that is a new thing, and I see a development mineral - fossil - human art/ architecture. And then the group dancing. So it is a road trip through evolution, from the simple to the complex, to the group Gestalt, I'm part of.

BTW, I named the events around my appendectomy "belly dance"...

All in all I feel stronger, after I overcame all these obstacles and challenges. I guess that is the message of the dreams tonight. Thank you for a nice birthday show, dreaming mind!