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Colors and style a bit like this, posted June 27
Raw layout of the page :) posted June 27
~~~l(I)ght~~~ posted June 27
THEE Target image, posted with the picture pool on June 28, then picked randomly from the pool of five June 29. My #1
My choice #2 NOT the target
My choice #3 NOT the target similar to the "advertisement"
The dormouse (NOT the target) didn't resonate with me.
Also didn't dream into this pretty lady. (NOT the target)

An advertisement, a page in portrait format. A title written on the top. Many objects we can acquire. They are displayed in nearly orderly rows and columns. Maybe around 20. Three tickets as a bonus at the bottom of the page. The background maybe brownish - yellow, made to look vintage. Also the title is kind of old style artful handwriting.

Incubation for group psi game style dreaming with the Psidreamers group.

day 1 - (June 26) set intention to dream of thee target image only
day 2 (June 27) - post dreams and preliminary discussion/speculation begins
day 3 (June 28) - image pool posted, discussion evolves as hits to images are made
day 4 -(June, 29) rank choice voting is made and the image is chosen at 7 PM Eastern Time and posted shortly afterwards

Notes 27th, before posting of image pool:

Handwriting like the old Coca Cola logo, maybe.
The time / place frame may be like in the Rodeo ad, Wild West

On the meaning level I can't quite say, whether this is something you can buy, or only win as a prize.

Apart from this I had more dreams, but which fell into oblivion, I didn't get up and make notes.
In the morning I meditated with a focus on our game, and that is when this picture came in a flash, and I felt it relates.
Other than this I drifted in the realm where my person becomes but a thin veil before the boundless light. Awful for the person, but it is in the light where we are one ;)

Notes of June 30 and July 1 after THEE target pic has been randomly chosen:
I choose the correct target, Ingo Swan painting his "Light Bringer" I added the word "Licht" = "Light" to the image I choose for my vision/ dream that night before we got to know the target pool. My second choice was the "Bahama - Ocean", also with rays of light. While my "advertisement" resembles the Japanese house I picked #3. I had no obvious hits for the "Hula Dancer" or the mouse.

More details:
Ingo's painting named "Light Bringer". For the illustration of my meditation/ dream I added the word "Licht" = light. Both illustrations, Rodeo - ad and sunset feature a ball of light (the sun). The Rodeo - ad fits with the colors of Ingo's. The rider even mimics the pose of his arm! The rider is "before" the sun, like Ingo before the painted ball of light. There are even cliffs in Ingo's and the "Rodeo". My meditation was feeling into universal Oneness and Light, similar to Ingo's painting. All these are reasons I picked Ingo's as #1, personally, and then for the group (different votes..)

The whole "Light Bringer" by Ingo Swann: