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I can do it one more time, but having it done just before, I now scare away from it. I lost myself the previous time, when I completely became another person in the dream.

But, I did it at least once before. This time I wanted to bring back better recall, and then I got frightened about the idea.

I wonder whether in another previous dream, I even became two different people at once. Not just physically, but everything, different personality and memories included. Or, no memories of myself at least.

This follows on a night with dreams about a week ago, where I kept my own personality, but I could feel everything else about me (the context, like the situation and my history) changing.

Currents 2019 - Jan/Feb

Changing identity

This time everything changes.


2 - Modest awareness

Recall of previous dreams in the dream and somewhat aware of going in and out of dreams.