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So this was the target picture, revealed June, 21st, among the pool of four (posted with a dream above)

6 am CEST

Outside in a rural landscape with a small lake, trees. I'm part of a group, it feels like we are on a field trip, exploring.
Then two helicopters appear, of the transport type, with one rotor in front, the other in the back.
They open their hatches and out comes something white, which is hovering, or gliding, like sheets of paper, flyers. As things fall further, they turn out to be huge origami paper birds, like swans, to say the least. They are somewhere between active and passive. I see one flying with it's neck straight, nearly like an aircraft.
One member of our group tries to make one from a large sheet of cardboard, but it is more like a thought.
They paper birds are hovering some time, and I'm now standing on the bank of the lake with part of the group. One of the birds faces me, I can clearly see it is all card board, nevertheless I feel there is at least some life in it in the way it looks at me, even without eyes. I telepathically lure it closer, and it comes closer, I'm excited.
It seems all of these creatures can't fight the force of gravity, they all sink slowly, and drown in the lake, as does "my" bird, it doesn't seem to have a thrive to survive, but keeps facing me, while its back sinks, and it is gradually drowning, until only its hollow beak remains, it seems to be breathing. I'm sorry for it, I don't feel I can do anything to rescue it, it seems to be part of the plan, of the experiment.
Before the origami bird entirely vanishes, the scene shifts.
Now we are in a classroom. The teacher asks us how many students will remember this remarkable event after twenty years. While nobody answers he says: 90 percents will forget. I comment: I rather won't, as I'm used to extraordinary experiences through caring for dreams. I record the event to the best I can. At first drawing one bird, but I'm not satisfied, I don' get the proportions right. Then I'm writing a report, and it is unusually small and scraggy, I wonder if anybody, even me, will be able to read afterwards.

Incubated for the psidreamers tuning in to the IASD conference telepathy contest. I still have my incubation for LD4all in mind: Visiting the Astral Temple, adding a lovely garden.

In the dream there is something constructed, relating to LD4all incubation and a scenic surrounding. I'm with a group I identify with my psidreamers friends. There is so much attention on the birds, and their behavior is so unusual, I think they represent the target. The whole dream is an experiment...I think some details matter, and that is the helicopters, and one bird looking like an airplane. The birds are not really alive. They appear to be constructed, thought-forms. I see my dream saying, the target is something flying, constructed, most probably white, and not actually alive. It may be remote controlled. This would also fit with a model airplane.It's fate seems to be drowning in a lake :( :D

Wonder about your dreams, I feel like we are/ were together in this.

Much love,


PS the ring wing very looks like the drowning bird looking at me with hollow beak.

PPS now I see a single helicopter is structurally similar to the two dancers with outstretched arms, forming a unity in their dance. The fan in picture 4 also reminds of the helicopter's wings.


Today  (June, 21.) the target was revealed: The Balinese dancers. So I was right with my choice based on my dreams, as well as with my choice based on all dreams of the psidreamers group incubated for this event. Also the group voted in favor of the Balinese dancers. We are celebrating :)