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The street in front of the Kropswolde house is littered with some kind of nuts that I don't recognize. Which is strange, because I know these trees don't carry nuts. Never mind. There's a guy behind me on the driveway and I propose that we try to throw these nuts at the trunks of the trees. I start and of course miss. It's immediately followed by a loud sound. I look behind me. How did he immediately manage to hit the trunk, and why is it so loud?!

I look at the tree. A flock of birds comes out of the tree, leaving it bare. The branches with leaves transformed into birds. I don't know what that means. Also visible now, is that there's an opening in the tree at the location where the guy hit it with the nut. He must have thrown it in there, and that hole must have worked as an amplifying echo chamber.

I turn around to see the birds fly away over the house.

Beautifully illustrating that trees and birds are closely related.


3 - Pronounced awareness

Thanks to the strong imagery of the dream.