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I jump into a swimming pool. Others are with me. We’re all free-divers: I’m impressed and delighted by the enormous depth of this deep blue pool.

In it a plethora of corals and colourful life are established: it’s an underwater forest of diverse aquatic life-forms. I swim around, observing, enjoying myself, then look up to the silvery underwater skin of the surface and realise I’m running out of oxygen. I have a moment of panic at the thought I’ve left my dive too long.... but then I realise I simply need to begin the ascent and focus on that to the exclusion of other thoughts, which I do.

I break the surface, breathe deeply and then climb out onto the concrete at the pool edge. Others climb out and lie sprawled around me. 

We all talk about the pool and how beautifully complex it is... also how none of us would’ve guess just how deep or complex by looking at it from the outside. There are rolling green hills behind us.

This dream-theme of swimming in pools in the company of others has become a regular one. Exploration is the action here and, unlike many of my other swimming-pool dreams of late, I'm not focused on games or interactions with other people here, but on experiencing something 'deep' and new to me... and it's quite a beautiful world I explore, where nature has developed within a man-made construct.

Pools are always immersions into subjective states, for me. The fact this is a calm, man-made pool (no waves and fully contained), but incredibly deep, suggests states I'm familiar with rather than strange or overwhelming experiences. And the fact nature had continued and expanded on what mankind had initiated suggests conscious creation at work. I love the fact this underwater world is diverse and marvellous, which suggests my inner explorations are pleasing and exciting to me.

There's a moment of panic when I think I may not be able to get out alive, but focused attention saves the situation. Good thing I kept my head: the dream suggests clear intention and avoidance (of the distraction of...) fear is key to 'keeping my head above the water'.

The dream suggests action is the key to understanding and not theorising... and the rolling green hills in the background suggest fertile fields surround me and await my attention.