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New York and Home, Day and Night

I'm strolling through a wide New York street during the day, just arriving from a subway station. I see a Girls Next Door girl (which?) off to my left and down the road, Holly Madison walking in the same direction but closer to me. I stop to tell Holly how pretty her friend is. She turns to glance at the girl and agrees. I pay Holly the same compliment, sincerely wanting to connect with her. She shoots me a big smile and continues on her way. I watch her and note her sense of style and frame which is is much tinier in real life than I imagined. I feel good about myself as I walk to the next station.

(Nighttime.) I see a grey kitten hanging out over the exit as I leave the station. Some girls I knew from college walk by at the same time -- acquaintances I'm reluctant to engage because I didn't know them too well. I turn the lefhand corner and walk on.

Now I'm home in my room. The kitten is here with me, to my surprise. It tells me it's lost its owner and that it's from Minnesota (or Montana?). It hitched a ride with me as I walked out of the station. The cat becomes a woman, young and short while we're talking.