Part of a 1664 map of a (proposed) post Diluvian world (including Atlantis) by Athanasius Kircher, a Jesuit scholar

In a larger facility, like a hospital, I'm walking a long corridor with a man who seems to be my patient.
When we arrive at the destination which may be his room, I nurse him, and this also means teaching him to help / heal himself, and then taking a break is part of it, so we have a healthy relationship.
Suddenly I hear and sense rumbling and think this might be an earthquake. It must be then when I switch to a view of earth from outer space, hovering somewhere above the mid - Atlantic ridge. I can see the seafloor of the whole Atlantic ocean and bordering continents, and it is like looking on a map. I'm shown the sunken remains of large areas of continental shelf, on both sides of the ridge, and hear the names Atlantis, Gondwana. Especially focusing on South - America I see a huge area (where Brazil would be) which looks like a giant meteorite had fallen and left a trace in direction south east, continuing into the ocean with a row of islands, which are only the tips of one of these sunken (parts of) continents.
I understand these parts of former land could or will rise again, maybe also with falling sea levels.

Double blue moon incubation :)

Tzivia Gover's 350+ (1000 +) dreamers:
"I say, let's let March go out with a 350 Dreamers group dream for global healing in the face of climate change!"

World Dreams Peace Bridge incubation is encompassing as nearly always: Creating a universe in which peace reigns :)

Recall of the first part is blurry. Also I have been half awake and dreamed on arriving at slightly different versions, also trying to find out how dreams relate to incubation with 350+ dreamers and World Dreams Peace Bridge.

The first part uses my nursing profession as a metaphor pointing to a new relation with myself and/ or my next. I'm also a nursing teacher in physical waking, so the dream puts my work into a larger frame as it seems. I need to change myself and the patient to achieve healing. I also need to heal myself, and teach the patient to heal himself. It matters he is male, and the whole setting is for me representing "male spirit", health care industry.

I would call the second part a Judy (Gardiner) dream :D The lecture of her work "Lavender" somehow tuned me in to these global/ earth dreams with plate tectonics, earthquakes and same such.
I wonder why the dream shifts this way, I feel the "in house" scenario of the first part only shows a tiny aspect of the whole life on planet earth. It needs an earthquake to wake me up to this fact and look for global reasons of illness in the quest for healing. There is (Mother) Earth and her long geologic history (Gondwana), as well as a mythical history of humanity (Atlantis). For my part both strings relate to a past unity: Gondwana, the super - continent, and Atlantis, the one mythical well of human culture in a long gone golden age.
Though the dream speaks of eons, and some changes happen in geologic timescales (like continental drift), others were catastrophic, like the impact of meteorites. I don't recall clearly the Atlantis stories, but a meteorite may play a role in one of them.
The primary (primordial?) unity broke, and change is the constant in evolution, the pendulum swings from unity to fragmentation and all over again.
I feel I need to know history like this, to understand I'm living in a time when fragmentation needs to be overcome, healed, creating a new, differentiated whole, where we are one, but not the same. Balancing individuality and connection, male and female. Sky and Earth.

Source For the "Atlantis map":
A bit from the article:
"In 1664, Kircher decided to create a map of Atlantis. As his biographer John Edward Fletcher explains, the idea behind the map was to validate a (weird) larger theory about the Earth: "In medieval thought, the Earth had a soul and a body," Fletcher writes. "The sea, with its tides, flowed into the body of the Earth and out again, like water in the gills of a fish." "


Citing Jean with her permission.

Dear Dreamers,
What I recall from my dream last night is that I was putting my belongings in the overhead compartment of a spaceship. As I did that, I realized that I was actually in charge of the spaceship and in charge of the exploration venture we were going on. We were planning to look at the Earth from space to see what our cleanup work had done so far and what areas needed more cleanup. EOD

Hi Ralf :) I wonder if we were on the same spaceship?

Love and healing!




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