Let me hide my head behind the curtain for a while.

The woman who was appointed to introduce me to this realm for the next few weeks, brings me to the home of someone. They use the word ginho for me. The other woman, whom I assume to be some kind of homekeeper - there's a counter situation near the entrance - explains there are many rules I need to learn. She lists them. The one about wearing soft shoes in the house sounds familiar. Everything else sounds so strange and arbitrary to me, that she could just as well talk Japanese to me.

My guide of this realm moves to an area separated from the main room by (again) a counter. She pulls two or three shoulder wide curtains down from the ceiling to create some privacy. I can't see what she's doing. The curtains only reach chest level. To me, that is a bit weird, but I've seen that before [a few dreams ago] with a counter of some kind of public service. One of the many other different customs here. They suddenly pull down some curtains, do something for a while, then roll the curtain back up again.

I made up the word ginho immediately when I woke up, to replace the word that I forgot. It was a word for alien or foreigner. There never seem to be separate rooms inside buildings. Just one space, with counters, and then the rolldown curtains.

The sense that I had about the other rules for living in this house is that they emphasized keeping length and widht and other measurements in certain relative proportions.


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