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I am standing at a beach. A toddler is adressing me. His parents are lying in the sun and he is bored. He knows me well but he is new to me. He urges me to accompany him to a science museum. We have great fun there and I am amazed about his great intelligence.Suddenly his diapers are full and his clothes are also concerned. I am supposed to help him and I am looking for a toilet. I have great difficulties to find one. He can´t understand this and I can´t understand why he can´t manage it himself. Somehow we manage it together.
We leave the museum and discover outside two giant moths mating. They fly on my hands. I am excited. This is a wonderful symbol...

The whole dream is very vivid and at the end I am realising while dreaming that I am getting a symbol.I have the impression that the toddler is another focus of me. Since this is another toilet dream with a new variation I put it here.This dream prompts me to join the new group dreaming. Yesterday evening I was pondering whether to join or not....