It is summer. Golden evening light. I am in the huge wild garden of my late grandmother. A non physical entity is present. I am not sure whether it is my grandmother. I am walking around enjoing to watch everything. Suddenly I realise several big colorful bunch of flowers in huge glass bowls. They are larger than me. I look close at the blossoms. I realise a connection between my watching and the flowers. The closer I look and admire them they become more colorful, the hole arrangement is changing and becoming more complex.I explore the connection and cocreation.This is pure fun: I am colour and form and can direct it!
Every bunch of flowers is different. I study the first 3 intensely. I start to count. It must be more than 6... then I wake up having in thought: This must be nine!

The intense exploring of the flowers is the lucid part.The creating and directing through the visual sense I do deliberately.


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