Wonderful golden light. I am exploring rooms which are intertwined with nature: a wonderful garden and vast landscape. I am looking for clothes and change into them. I try a lot of different clothes. I have the impression this is a translation for shapeshifting....I meet the owner of this place it is a young looking very old woman with superhuman capacities. She is also a magician. I am excited meeting her.
Then I became aware that I am missing my group. I got lost. I want to make contact with them but don´t know how. The woman gives me a phone and a paper with the phone number. The number is a combination of 1 and 0. On the phone are also various keys but they have also only 1 and 0 on it. So I become very confused the longer I look at the keys which one of the various 0 or 1 I am supposed to press? The woman notice my embarressment and dials the right phone number for me....

Everything has a very foreign not earthly touch...It is earth related. But the light is to golden and bright and iridescent, the colors also are slightly different and to brilliant...


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