Friday, April 22, 2016

“Only People Like You”

I'm driving and the driver in the car in front of me keeps slamming on his brakes for no reason. Finally in frustration, I jump out of my car and open his car door and pull him out by the arm. I throw him on the ground in anger intending to give him a good talking to (actually I'm amazed not only that I am doing this, but how easy it is - he is a big guy) He begins laughing and I realize there is an exact duplicate man standing by also laughing. I say "Hey there are two of you." The guy on the ground says "I know he follows me everywhere I go. He is very annoying." I say, "Can everyone see him?" He replies "No, only people like you."

I'm struck by the phrase "only people like you" and wonder what he means by that, but I woke up at this point. I also noticed I was almost lucid.


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