Reservations - Monthly Dream Gathering

JUNE 2020
Weekend June 5-7
All dreams welcome!
Discover the many layers of dreams.
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Monthly Dream Gathering
for €5


Every first weekend of the month there's the Monthly Dream Gathering. We can do this 4-5 times, after which we can evaluate how we all like it. The third one is in June.

All your dreams are welcome. We're looking mostly for the social aspects of dreams. That means global themes in dreams, for which any dream will be helpful.


All dreams will be gathered within a group on Dreamers United, meaning that you will share your dreams with everyone else who joins. The next month, a new group will be started. That means that new people can not automatically see your previous dreams. The old group(s) will remain readable for those who were in them.

It's also perfectly fine if you want to share dreams outside the group, but within a group you may easier meet other dreamers on Dreamers United.


There's a small fee to get in for the entire first run of 4-5 months.

For a FREE alternative option, you can simply post a dream on Dreamers United, every time that you want to participate. Harry will then add you to the group. If possible, post that dream a week and a half before the first weekend of the month. We start in the week before, and we'd like to have you with us by then.

And of course, if you're one of the regulars on Dreamers United, just let me know when you want to join.


If you have questions, contact Harry Bosma over one of the Facebook platforms (Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp) or send an email.


Obviously, it helps if you remember your dreams.

For the group and global dreaming, you may also want to reserve some time to look at what others are dreaming.


The group at Dreamers United will open in the week before the weekend. You can then meet the other dreamers and we can discuss the optional group dreaming suggestion.

About Harry

Harry Bosma

Harry Bosma wants to map the realm of dreams and collective consciousness. At Dreamers United it can already be seen that we all dream together, that experiences in dreams and in the physical life mingle in all kinds of ways, and that the nature of time knows many flexible dimensions. We still have yet to explore the larger possibilities of consciousness.

Take a look at Harry's personal site for more info. You'll also find a contact form there.

After Your Payment

Payments are handled by Paypal. Harry's based in Europe and will typically email you back the same day or the next morning.

Dreamers United

You'll be given access to a group on Dreamers United. This online platform makes it easy to create charts of synchronicities between events and especially between people. Access to your dreams and experiences is restricted to fellow group members only.