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JAN 2019
three weeks
starts January 22nd
Greater wellness with dreams
During this 3-week online dream spa you're going to experience how to have beneficial dreams, as well as learn how to follow up on dreams that demand your attention, to accomplish more wellness in your life.
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Dream Spa
for €85


Dreams can be actively used to find greater wellness in life. As this is a Dreamers United group, there will be attention not only for personal dreams, but also for how we dream together. Many themes in dreams may appear personal, but in groups it appears that members dream about the same themes. Such spontaneous events offer their own possibilities for finding more wellness.


It helps if you're able to remember your dreams. If you find that challenging, various tips and tricks will be provided. Also, the group is open every day, for three weeks, so there's plenty of time.


Before the start you will receive a PDF with a quick overview of what we will do in the three weeks. Dreams were at the core of healing practices thousands of years ago, for diagnosing and healing.The structure of this group will be loosely based on these ancient practices.

Each week we will focus on common and personal themes. The first week will focus on relaxation and preparation, the second week on healing, and the third week on integration. At the start of each week an online post will explain the specific idea for the week.

About Harry

Harry Bosma

Harry Bosma wants to map the realm of dreams and collective consciousness. At Dreamers United it can already be seen that we all dream together, that experiences in dreams and in the physical life mingle in all kinds of ways, and that the nature of time knows many flexible dimensions. We still have yet to explore the larger possibilities of consciousness.

Take a look at Harry's personal site for more info. You'll also find a contact form there.

After Your Payment

Payments are handled by Paypal. Harry's based in Europe and will typically email you back the same day or the next morning.

Dreamers United

You'll be given access to a group on Dreamers United. This online platform makes it easy to create charts of synchronicities between events and especially between people. Access to your dreams and experiences is restricted to fellow group members only.