Reservations - Waterfall Dimension

APR 2019
three weeks
starts April 16th
Relax and explore different dimensions
During this 3-week online group we will explore different dimensions, in particular the Waterfall Dimension that gives easy access to many other dimensions.
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Waterfall Dimension
for €90


The Waterfall Dimension group follows up on the Dream Spa group of 2018. That group suddenly went to exploring a different dimension. By comparing our experiences we could see that as a group we were indeed participating in a shared exploration taking place in a specific other very different location.

The goal of this Waterfall Dimension group is to become more comfortable with such experiences, similar to how the Lucid Dreaming 2.0 groups train to have more lucid dreams all the time.


As always, it helps if you're able to remember your dreams. However, the Waterfall Dimension group does not exclusively depend on dreams.


The original Dream Spa group was different from other groups in many ways. The Waterfall Dimension will follow the same ideas.

1. There's a strong emphasizes on relaxation and wellness.

2. There will be a Skype session to meet and discuss.

3. We can use a mix of approaches, not just dreams but also meditative states, bleed-throughs and overlays, as well as noticing synchronicities. Depending on personal preferences.

About Harry

Harry Bosma

Harry Bosma wants to map the realm of dreams and collective consciousness. At Dreamers United it can already be seen that we all dream together, that experiences in dreams and in the physical life mingle in all kinds of ways, and that the nature of time knows many flexible dimensions. We still have yet to explore the larger possibilities of consciousness.

Take a look at Harry's personal site for more info. You'll also find a contact form there.

After Your Payment

Payments are handled by Paypal. Harry's based in Europe and will typically email you back the same day or the next morning.

Dreamers United

You'll be given access to a group on Dreamers United. This online platform makes it easy to create charts of synchronicities between events and especially between people. Access to your dreams and experiences is restricted to fellow group members only.