Reservations - Lucid Dreaming 2.0

DEC 2018
Three weeks.
Starts Dec 19th.
The next step with lucid dreaming.
More happiness with lucid dreaming.
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Lucid Dreaming 2.0
for €90


The fourth edition will run during the holidays just like the first edition. The group runs for three weeks and it's okay to take breaks.

As always, with this lucid dreaming group we acquaint ourselves with our inner Genie. Plus, we're going to bring that experience into our every day life.

This fourth edition of LD 2.0 will very specifically combine the lucid dreaming with the theme of happiness, which fits very well with the season and with dream topics like relaxation, presents, treasures, super powers, having fun and so on.

Especially for people new to lucid dreaming, you will receive a paper (as a PDF) that explains lucid dreaming and how to get started with it. The group is designed to encourage continued practice and can be joined repeatedly.

The price scale is €90 for the first time, €65 for the second time and then €45 for all following times. Previous participants have already received an email to confirm that they qualify for the lower fees.


It helps tremendously if you're able to remember your dreams. If you find that challenging, various tips and tricks exist for better recall. Also, the group is open every day for three weeks, so there's plenty of time.


The Dreamers United platform supports training for lucid dreaming. This will be explained to you if you're new to DU. Groups on DU are also strongly oriented towards dreaming together as a group, for which various fun assignments will be given. Typically in the first week dreams will also show a personal theme that's going to be important for the dreamer. Attention will be given to that as well.

The group dreaming seems to easily accept new dreamers in the group. In the last edition it was so close to meeting in dreams, that for this edition we can try to aim past that. Instead of aiming for meeting in a dream, we can see whether we can form a "Gestalt", or a group identity, that can bring inspiration and support on top of what we do individually. That is, if everyone would be okay with that.

In addition to the paper briefly explaining how to lucid dream, there will be two additional papers to explain what we're going to do in the 2nd and 3rd week.

About Harry

Harry Bosma

Harry Bosma wants to map the realm of dreams and collective consciousness. At Dreamers United it can already be seen that we all dream together, that experiences in dreams and in the physical life mingle in all kinds of ways, and that the nature of time knows many flexible dimensions. We still have yet to explore the larger possibilities of consciousness.

Take a look at Harry's personal site for more info. You'll also find a contact form there.

After Your Payment

Payments are handled by Paypal. Harry's based in Europe and will typically email you back the same day or the next morning.

Dreamers United

You'll be given access to a group on Dreamers United. This online platform makes it easy to create charts of synchronicities between events and especially between people. Access to your dreams and experiences is restricted to fellow group members only.