Project 1 - Study about co-created dreams

Shared dreams sometimes share remarkable similarities. All the separate dreams have completely different main themes, yet some minor part can show up in all dreams, suggesting that in some way the dreamers are all in contact with one another.

It is suspected that these connections extend endlessly, always connecting dreamers to many other dreamers. Dreamers United is the only place - so far - where people systematically link their dreams when commonalities are detected. So far, the group that has explored this on an ongoing basis, has been rather limited.

This study intents to research at what point dreamers will see their dreams connected to at least one dream by someone else. Looking at experiences so far, that point could be reached in a group with the size of about 50-70 people.

Status: Looking for funding

Project 2 - Dreams about the future

In 2006 a series of experiments were done with incubated dreams about the future. The results were remarkable and promising. It also seemed that personally relevant topics were far more engaging than current events. A follow-up project will explore a larger variety of personally relevant topics, partially tailured to individual preferences of the participants.

Status: Early stage.

Project 3 - Is remembering dreams beneficial in itself

Beginning dreamers encounter unpleasant material that seems to dissipate over time. That suggest that awareness of dreams alone can be beneficial. This has however never been documented, possibly because dreamers in such a situation tend to very minimally log those dreams.

Status: To be taken up once there's a research leader.