Moose on the Loose!

The dream begins in my old apartment in Providence. I hear a loud clomping up the back stairwell. Suddenly a mid sized moose appears in my kitchen. It's friendly, and I pet it's snout. I call it "Birdie"

Birdie tells me (telepathically) that she has brought a new friend with her. I tell Birdie we could go back outside to meet. Nope, too late. I heard louder clomping coming up the stair well.

Now a HUGE moose comes through the doorway, barely fitting, and have to duck it's head. I say hello -- "Birdie, let's go outside, lead your friend that way."

My downstairs neighbor is now really concerned about these two giant animals going up and down the stairs. I assure her they make no more damage than her stray cats.

Back to back dreams in the Providence location.

Telepathic moose!? This is getting fun, and that's a rather large animal.

More feminine energy surrounds the moose, but it's shared with male energy. This balance of male and female attributed to the moose comes from Native American legend. The Potawatomi tribe, a member of the Algonquin family, tell of the population of the land in one of their creation myths.


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