Red Granite Bedrock Disposal on a Beach
Creative expression of protest by the population in the Wendland against German nuclear policy
Cleavage in sedimentary rocks

3 am

A halfway lit misty night. I'm meeting my older brother somewhere out in the countryside, like I'm helping him to find his car and way home. Through darkness and fog I see an enormous power pole looming large, the power lines connecting to other distant giants.
My brother found his car, and I think I should be faster to get on my car, but there he goes, lights piercing the night, we are waving a good - bye. I am glad to meet him, and sad, now. He drives into another direction, I understand to Kücknitz or somewhere else, we go separate ways again.
I turn the other way and hear his bemused voice saying something like: "So you are going to where they left the huge batteries."

I'm not sure what he means. My front lights illuminate a street with a familiar name sign (like Hauptstraße or Dorfstraße), I think it'll lead me home via Bad Schwartau, where I was born. But soon I'm walking on foot, I wonder why, somehow I can't go on driving, the street is out of sight, I'm walking a maze of dirt roads and even simple paths. I feel lost, like at the rim of world. I'm soothing myself with the thought I can use google maps, but a voice comes on and tells me it won't work in this place. Now I'm sure I must have entered a magical niche.
I seem to be approaching the power pole, and someone made an arrangement, here. I see two yellow cubes of maybe one meter long edges, these must be the batteries my brother referred to. They are somehow integrated into a heap of boulders.I don't know if they are active or empty. This looks like a kind of museum related to the pole. I want to get closer, but there is a fence of hedges around the site, triangular. I walk around, until I can enter, but from this point of view I can't see the batteries. It is the heap of boulders, and they are so huge I wonder if they have been arranged by humans, or if they just belong here. Granite, the red variety, smoothed by ages of glacial activity and maybe flowing water.
One of the huge rocks is a metamorphic sediment. The different strands in yellow and red are folded like a continuous sine wave. I can almost feel the power of the Earth able to bend stone like this, with ease, maybe even with a sense of beauty.
There is a display on a stand close to the boulders. It was meant to say something, but now the writing is gone, or it has never been. The display and its stand are carved from the same red granite.
I talk to some people, trying to make them understand geological time. I start with comparing our life with a scale ten times longer. I realize that is by far too little. I'm using exponential numbers, then. While I do, I get a fast motion vision of geological changes, and see the flow of tectonic plates, the dynamics of mountain ridges emerging and being eroded. Earth is very much alive and moving on this time scale.

Half awake, with my little son sleeping beside me, trying to re - enter the dream, to no avail. I just can't fall asleep, still in night shift rhythm.

Day residue:
My brother moves to another city. I'm happy we have re - connected in the past year, playing in the same table tennis team, after so many years. Now it is good bye, and it goes deeper, than my waking mind conceded. The dream just feels so ominous.

I'm not quite sure about how this relates to my brother, somehow I feel his presence and knowledge connects my personal life with geologic processes. Kücknitz (where he still lives), has gravel pits, where I searched fossils in my youth. Then finding home via my birthplace in the logic of the dream means encountering the geo - energetic display/ museum/ power pole.

The red granite and glacial activity is just what "carved" my home country. The earth here is a layers of traction load, of boulders carried from Scandinavian countries to north Germany, where I live, during glacial periods reaching millions of years into the past. Our fertile ground is moraines left from melting glaciers, forming huge streams of water, of which the rivers today are but feeble remains.

Yellow cubes: I think they are relating to the use of radioactivity, a power drained from the earth and massively transformed into electrical energy (the power poles).
Empty "batteries" remaining, radioactive waste.
The cubes built into stone may allude to ultimate disposal places for this problematic waste.
Apart from this natural radioactive decay is what keeps the planet hot, and is at the ground of the tectonic activity the dream refers to, later on. Granite is a plutonic, magmatic, eruptive stone, a tangible sign of geological dynamics.

The metamorphic cleaved sediment: The sine wave may relate to electric power. Then the dynamics of earth's movements may be a reminder in the context of looking for "ultimate" disposal places for radioactive waste.

The display:
Funny, I think. There is something paradox and "meta" to this sign. The stuff the display is made of points to what is displayed in this dream: The power of (Mother) Earth. And the dream itself, and what I think and feel, is the explanation "missing" on the display.

Giving people a feel of how Mother Earth is alive, dynamic and resourceful, I think that is a possible "mission" of this dream.

Look here for dynamic earth in fast motion:

Mission completed? :D


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