By Nevit Dilmen (Self-photographed)
Phil Collins "Face Value"

I'm inside, in an apartment, talking to someone, with more people around. Soundly I'm like teleported onto the roof of this house, which must be like 12 levels to say the least. Still in company of one or two, I'm lying on my belly, holding on to a railing of yellow security glass, fear falling, while I'm watching the scene unfold.
There is a storm raging, or at least it seems so, as a seagull flies by, like tumbling, disoriented, maybe hurt wing. Then there is a peregrine, and with my companions I discuss if it attacked the seagull, and caused the havoc. We are not sure.
The while the peregrine closes its wings, dives into the depth, falling like a stone, a blue and grey flash.
Down there (and this scene is maybe parallel) this one, or another peregrine is sitting on the stairs right beside a lamb, and a little girl. If it were not for the girl cuddling with the lamb time and again, it would fall prey to the raptor.
Back down inside the house I see and hear Phil Collins playing "In the Air Tonight" I look closer. He is alone, sitting before a instrument he steers with his right hand in a glove. He can only make minimal movements to somehow "steer" the play back. This is little more than karaoke. Still it is his music, and he performs the best he can.

Incubation: Far in the back of my head the precognitive dreaming incubation of psidreamers for the Grammys.

A sequel to "Love holds us from dying" The little girl saves the lamb by holding it, cuddling. There is fear of falling, again.
There is a master of "falling", the peregrine.

Day Residue: Maybe twice or thrice I had the feeling of "falling" in my life, like nothing would hold me, if I didn't by myself. Also feeling unsafe, like I had no ground beneath my feet.
Then I was consciously falling asleep, well nearly. I went really deep into relaxing, I had this falling feeling.

Phil Collins and his song add to the topic of "Air"

So what is "In the Air"?

Sometimes feeling alone, other times feeling free, yes, what holds me? Can I connect with the "Master of Flying" instead of fearing to fall?
Is Seagull Jonathan "stumbling" in the storm? Is the spiritual approach standing the storms in my life? Jonathan is another kind of "Master of Flying" and I recall a scene in the book, when he closed his wings and fell like a stone, mastering flight.
Still the dream also says it is love keeping my inner child save. There is still this innocent love between the little child and the lamb. It is still alive.
It seems I'm dealing with getting older, with entering yet another phase of my life, living on my own. Playing my song the best I can.


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