This is as close as it gets...

I'm in a larger room, a corridor, as it seems. On both sides of the long walls there are sculptures of brass or gold. Three on each side. Their form is like what you would see of a half closed eye, or of the intersection of two circles. They are billowed like a sail, standing on their sharp edge. Nearly as high, as the ceiling, twice as high as me.
I think this is what another friend of psidreamers group saw in dreams, so I must be dreaming. With this realisation I automatically start patting the objects, which now morph and take on the appearance and substance of the white walls. The sound is like what you would expect of plaster boards.

I do this to stay anchored in the dream. I recall my task is to connect with dreamfriends, so I try to word an intention: I want to connect with the best [in the sense of being available, ready to contact me] dreamfriend, now. Nothing happens.

I wonder if my intention is too complicated, this is about telepathy, anyway. I see a door with milk glass, light shining through, so I make my way there, but the moment I open the door, the dream fades. I feel like waking up physically, but don't move and wait for new visuals to appear, to no avail. I'm happy for the lucid dreaming, and disappointed I couldn't connect.

The goal of incubation:
"Let's join together in the Astral Temple to send the souls of those slaughtered in the Orlando LGBT terrorist attack into the LIGHT and bring LIGHT, LOVE, HEALING and PEACE into the HEARTS of all... especially those filled with hate, intolerance, judgement, vengeance and/or whom have malice intentions."

Only looking back now, I find I must have been in a version of the Astral Temple, the sculptures resembling the pillars around the central flame. Maybe they are also proxies, in a way standing there for other dreamfriends? Or for the souls of deceased? The sculptures are like eyes, and it is said eyes are the windows of the soul.I should draw one, given the time...

My incubation was simple: Before sleep I visualized the Astral Temple with the central flame, for a little while, and fell asleep doing so.
The central task of guiding the souls into the light... I was unaware in the dream, but now I think about it, I walk into the light, in a way, as I open the door, where light shines through.


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