We're temporarily moving into this house, with a few folks part of some group, possibly some other people. I have a two-part room at the ground floor.

For the time being, this is not so bad. It means I have a room and a kitchen. Or a room to receive guest and the other room for myself. One of the other guys moving in here as part of the group is Stef, also at the ground floor.

I look at the door. It's broken. The part of the door on the outside is missing, meaning that when the door more or less closes, there's a whole vertical strip missing. And it's not just the outside strip but also part of the inner panel, so it's quite the gap.

On my weekly groceries shopping I could not lock my car door. When I took the key out of my door, the whole lock came out of the door. I immediately had to think of the dream of only a few hours before. Another door that won't close, also quite outspoken about it.

Added later: There's a strong sense that the second room could be my more private room. The other one - with the non-closing door - would be for receiving guests.


Lessening Separation
Walls, but the door does not close.


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