We're in some kind of improvised play. We now all shift back in our original shape. Much to my surprise and delight, it turns out that half the actors are in fact animals. I look at a small pig, a rat and a large dog laying on the ground and on each other's lap, just like they did in their human form during the play.

I hope and assume that the nice girl remains close to her shape she had during the play. I was somewhat puzzled that I'm attracted to her, but she seemed like a lot of fun.

We're all off to the canteen below. I go down the stairs winding down in a U-form. Oh, we need to get dressed. We seem to be without clothes, now we shapeshifted back. A woman bypasser confirms, yes, you need to get dressed. Luckily I find some clothes on a chair I can borrow, probably from someone else in the play.

I briefly consider whether that woman just passing me by may have been the girl in the play. I have no way to tell!

Encore: So who am I? I received an image from a young guy, a teenager perhaps, with a round face, somehow giving me a rural kind of feel, similar to the girl he liked.



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