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Underneath the grandstand / backstage area.
Unfortunately not anywhere close, but outlines the idea.

We've been getting ready for a while. We're descending the stairs to the hallway, a long pipe leading to the double front doors. Just when we, the guys, are ready to open the doors, the doors open and the women come back in. They forgot a few things. A bit to my dismay the guys turn around, and go back in too. Why? We could go out anyway?

We're sitting on a large bed. I sit on the corner area bottom left. A group of women - five or so - occupy the top right behind me. A girl comes in through a backdoor and sits down on the bed too. The women welcome the girl. The girl says something to me, the women as well. Not that they expect a response, or that I feel compelled to say anything.

I get up, take the bedroom's backdoor to walk around a bit. The women object. We should stay here, wait. I don't think it will matter much. The area behind the backdoor feels like backstage area, yet at the same time seems to be underneath a grandstand. Fascinating! I come out around the other end. There's a indoors field in front of the grandstand. I hover over it. In the middle is a large hole through which I see an uneven but roughly a tunnel shaped space made up from stars, like a galaxy in tunnel form. What! For the briefest moment I consider going in - it seems to be made for that - but no.

I fly up, address the guys sitting on the grandstand. Have you seen this!? I point at it. There's this ... tunnel.

There was also a part where I had a ball, but threw it away. I think the women kind of gave the ball to me when I left, although at the same time, I found the ball in the backstage area. I later throw the ball away, again in various variations. I throw it away back to the women, or to the side, and also onto the field when I get there. Two sets of small probable variations.

Ripple: Bedroom Action