Why am I in this racer?

I want to take a left onto this road. Its lanes are separated by a stroke of green. I drive my car up to the middle, but have to move aside to the right for somebody suddenly coming from the other side. All of a sudden it's quite busy here in the middle of the crossing. There's also a wide variety of cars, even a few big trucks.

My car slides sideways. Only now do I notice that I'm sitting in a racer that has its wheels outside the body of the car. How could I not have noticed this before, and why am I in such a car? I manage to steer a bit back to make space, but other cars are now also blocking the middle, jamming up all traffic.

Meanwhile, a man on a bicycle, rides passed me and does manage to get over the crossing. Never mind he's going in the wrong direction in this lane.

I'd rather trade a bit of that excessive speed for some comfort, like ... oh, a roof?

Anyway. In what way am I in a highspeed vehicle, stuck at a crossing together with other traffic? Wouldn't that bicycle be more useful?

Added later: I keep thinking of how there was such a variety of cars there.


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