A surprise as I wake up

This dream clearly focuses on letting something appear, whereas the previous one was an exercise in letting disappear.

Time to get up. I look at my night stand. There's a stack of cash money there! Must be €50 bills and at least 5 of them. I'm so happy! Surprise money!

Briefly I assume that I just found it somewhere, as I (used to) have money laying around everywhere. No, that's no longer true. I had to use most of it.

How did it get there? Did I sell something unused for cash? I can't remember that either.

I'm holding the money in my hands, to count it. The first few papers on top are blank pieces. The money's in the back of the stack.

This must be a dream. No no! Don't question where it came from! Oh no! Too late! Can this simply not happen? Let this not be a dream!

Now ... in terms of physical manifestation, I feel I closed a door by insisting that there had to be a rational explanation for the money.

I'm able to accept prizes even though I'm a little doubtful at first whether I entered the competition. Then I convinced myself I did, problem solved. At least in this case, there's already a context of winning something without needing much of an explanation. Finding money on the night stand is much harder to explain.

The fact that I'm counting the money because I don't remember how much it is, truly makes it sink in that I don't remember where it came from.

Could I do without an explanation ... it is so central to our way of life that everything can be explained ...


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