This comes close to its design, but bound as a book of course.

How did I get a seat at this table? A few people must have left. The conference room breathes space and focus. I point at a small booklet at the table. This is one of those regularly prepared reports on important commercial companies. I wouldn't mind having a subscription to those, I say.

The man at the other side of the table gently moves it towards me. I can take a look. Nice. I open it. The booklet seems to use storytelling to describe the company. That approach will deliver something much more in-depth, far beyond what I imagine these reports typically still look like at most other banks.

He tells me to look at the insert first. I pick it up. The front side is nicely designed with a table of factoids in the center. Some are just entertaining, but set a tone that no doubt is further elaborated on in the booklet. The man points me to the item he finds particularly important. It's the line that describes the energy pattern of the company. For example, it makes a huge difference whether it has the energy of an old bored and tired man or a younger one full of ideas.

Interesting. This front side takes a rather holistic approach.

I flip the insert. Here it becomes more standard, with how it's essentail that the CEO reaches certain milestone improvements this year, expressed in hard en clear numbers.

A book full with stories. No heavy graphic design, no charts or graphics. It has a little design to it, but it aims to support reading the stories. Even the cover is wonderfully understated, but you just know it's not the kind of crap companies release themselves. This has the substance long term investors want to have.

Which energy pattern does my "company" have? In the insert, this was a question that still had to be decided upon.


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