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People want to go to bed. It is late. I'm sitting on a bed in spacious dorm that has a few more beds.

In the adjoining room I see a strong man chained to the wall, simply breaking his chains. The room has the same size as this one. His chain left him enough room to move through most of the room. I must look truly surprised, because another man gives me a look saying "yep, he is that strong". I recognize him. The man giving me the look is The Donald.

The Donald has come up to me. He tells a roundabout story about how I should move to that bed, he will move to another, and another one will move too. I look around. Oh, I understand. He wants me to give my bed to the Strong Man, because it's the furthest away from all the other beds. The Donald is afraid of the Strong Man.

I tell him that I need to move some stuff with me. Standing at the end of the bed I'm appalled to see how I have a messy layer of books and other things stashed up against the wall. Right, I like to have books around. Well, a few of those books will have to come with me.

The Donald has changed into Alec Baldwin, who desparately wants a big and long hug from me. That's okay, but what is it with this man?!

Portraying Donald Trump as a cross between a circus artist and Alec Baldwin playing an insecure boy.


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