Mine did not open. I crawled underneath.


There's a huge curtain in this open space. It's just hanging down from nowhere. I see myself walking on the right side, towards me. I see myself kneel down, lift up the curtain and crawl underneath. I see myself walking at the other side of the curtain. From my perspective as a viewer, there doesn't seem to be any difference.

At the same this all happens, some kind of boss says that he does "not want me to direct the other show". Yet I go to the other side anyway. He repeats an even stronger message. I am not welcome there.

There's something about the curtain that suggests that whatever is behind it, good be very interesting, and figuratively show or teach what is going on behind the curtain.

Why I'm not welcome I don't know. It sounds so very omminous. I'm not even told to come back later. I'm simply not allowed in. I do it anyway. Nothing happens.


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