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They want to kill me again. But this time I am prepared. It is exactly the same pattern than last time. Last time they had been successfull. But this time I can remember and they don´t know that I can.

I go to the Garage and open the door: Yes, as I expected. It is really like last time. They had painted the Tarot Card of the hanged man at the wall. But he is not hanged at his ankles but at his neck.
Like last time I go to the bathroom. and like last time it is locked. Like last time I tell the one inside that I will go downstairs to the other bathroom. But I know they are waiting there. Last time they killed me there.
As quick and careful as possible I pace up the stairs. I am not afraid. I know if you recognise a pattern and Change your behavior you will also Change the Outcome and be successfull. Upstairs I meet a Person and I know I am safe now. I had overcome the challange!