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I am visiting a big art exhibition. It is a modern white cube building. The title has "Vittoria" in it. I am just about to enter the building. A woman with small children asks whether she can go with the kids but someone tells her that there are also some crude and sexual exhibits. when she turns to leave she recognise me and tells me that there are some paintings from me in the exhibition. I am surprised. Nobody told me... I react very shy. A man says to me“ you should not be so shy! This is a big chance! You should be more confident!“ 

I enter one room. There is a video artwork. This is very vivid. An artcollector presents some pieces of his huge collection. He shows a glass pipe and fills it with water. This action fills the hole screen. Then he presents two precious guitars. He admires the precious wood. They are partially painted. One has a songtext on the back side. The sides are deep red....