I am with other people in a huge old house. The rooms are nearly dark with dark old wainscoting (Wandtäfelung). It looks a bit like a museum But I am not aware of any exhibits. After some time pacing through the rooms I need to visit a toilet. I have to ask. Someone is guiding me a quite complicated way. Then we finally find a rustic wooden door with a lavatory sign for both sexes. I enter a very dim lighted broom cupboard. On two chair high pedestals at one wall are two colorful ceramic sculptures. One is ment for men, one for women. I don´t know how to use them? Are there hidden devices? I feel helpless and leave the room...

A new variation of Harry´s toilet dreams.
While waking up I knew how to start the new painting: It will be the white empty room of Mauricio´s dream. In the middle will be a small silvery/black sphere coming from beyond a reference to Laura´s dream. I am curious how this will develop?

Ripple: Toilet Pot


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