I donĀ“t remember how I got there.
I found myself in an huge old lost place. I was in a maze of rooms which were to one third filled with dark water. I was swimming. This place had an atmosphere like the films of Andrej Tarkovski. First I felt curious and enjoyed to a degree exploring. But after a while i realised that I lost completly my orientation and I felt lost and lonely.
Then I realised a big fish swimming towards me. There was a rope attached. The rope floated in front of me. After a short moment of hesitation I grabbed the rope and the fish began to pull. He draged me through the rooms....

The day before I felt a bit depressed without actually knowing why...
Yesterday during a long meditation in the morning I felt elated and decided to reconfigure my energy. After coming out of this blissed state I felt the depression. This is unusual: normally I feel refreshed and happy....

Today I feel much better! Thank you fish!


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